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Online Poker Tells

How to Spot 'Tells' Online

Poker Tell – An act, gesture or hint that a poker player makes when playing a hand that gives away the strength of their hand.

In live play a lot of players have certain ‘tells’ that give information to their opponents on the strength of their hands. For example, things such as smiling, talking, counting chips can all be different tells for different people; they key is to figure out what each thing means for each player.

Online Tells – These tells are different from live poker tells as you cannot actually see the players. There are some common online tells that a lot of players do without knowing. The following is a guideline to certain online poker tells but is not always true!

Instant Call – If a player instantly calls you after you make a bet it usually means they are on a draw looking for a 5 th card to complete a straight or flush or they are trying to show strength to slow down your betting.

Delayed Bet – When players delay for a longer period of time than normal they will often hold a stronger hand. Some players do this to act like they are weak or to decide how much to bet to get the most out of the pot.

Delayed Check – When a player delays before checking they will often have a weak hand. They are trying to show strength, when probably they just want to see a free card.

Instant-Check – This is tricky as some players do this when they have a really strong hand, but more likely the player has a weak hand. This is often used when players click the check/fold button.

Although these will help you decide when playing, please don’t fully rely on these tells. You must pay attention to how each individual plays! Good luck at the tables.

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