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PokerStars Frequently Asked Questions

A lot of players have questions to ask about the worlds largest poker site - PokerStars.  This Frequently Asked Questions guide is dedicated solely to PokerStars.  If you have any other questions about PokerStars you can e-mail us at or visit to try and find the answer within their website.

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Can U.S. players play at PokerStars?

Yes, PokerStars allows players from almost every country in the world including the United States.  Some may believe that online poker is illegal in the US, but they are far from correct.  Online poker is legal in the US and players from the United States will have no problems playing for real money at PokerStars.

What's the difference between and is a version of the PokerStars software that is only 'play money' players.  The version is for real money players, but also has play money games as well.  If you have an account at you can visit and download the better software that allows both real money and play money play.  The version is running primarily for promotional reasons.

Can I play at PokerStars on a Mac?

Yes PokerStars offers a version for players with a Mac.  There are only a few online poker sites that have software for players who use a Mac.  You will find a PokerStars download available for Mac users on the PokerStars website.

How do I find players or friends that are playing at PokerStars?

You can find players at PokerStars by click on the 'Requests' tab along the top of the PokerStars software.  A drop down menu will appear and then click on 'Find a Player'.  You will then need to type in the players ID or user name.  If the players is sitting down at a table it will show you which table. You will also be able to find Team PokerStars Pro players under the Request tab in the main lobby.

Can I play at the same table as one of my friends?

Yes PokerStars allows you to play at the same table as long as you are playing competitively against each other.  Like every online poker room PokerStars has a ton of security features in place that can catch cheating.  You and your friend cannot share what cards each other had as this is a form of cheating called collusion.  Any cheaters will be banned from PokerStars.

Where can I buy PokerStars clothes?

Players won't even need to buy PokerStars clothes as you can get clothing for free by earning Frequent Player Points (FPPs).  FPPs are earned automatically by playing real money games at PokerStars.  Players can use these FPPs in the VIP store to purchase clothing or other items.

How do I get sponsored by PokerStars?

You may see a lot of players wearing PokerStars clothing in big tournaments such as the WSOP.  You can be sponsored by PokerStars at the tournaments by winning your seat to a live event through satellites.  If you are a Supernova Elite player at PokerStars you can also try e-mailing them to talk about sponsorships.  I have heard about this working, but I am not sure many details.

How do I deposit real money at PokerStars?

If you visit the PokerStars cashier in the PokerStars lobby you will find deposit options.  Each country and region will have different deposit options available to them.  For more information on this we have created a page dedicated to depositing real money at PokerStars, check it out.

We will be adding questions to this PokerStars FAQ occasionally.  If you have any other questions be sure to e-mail us and we will get back to you with the answer.

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