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Everest Poker Summit Points Store

Everest Launches Points Store

Everest Poker has recently launched a new Summit Points store in April 2009. This Everest Poker Summit Store allows players to earn points and redeem them for some cool prizes including iPods, Everest gear, Xbox 360's, laptops, digital cameras and more. Summit Points are earned by Everest Poker players through playing at the real money cash games and tournaments. This Everest Poker summit point store was a great idea by Everest, and was probably brought on because of the highly popular PokerStars VIP program.

As we mentioned Summit Points are earned by players who are playing at the real money games. Summit Points are given out and kept track of by Everest Poker so the player doesn't need to worry about anything. Players can earn up to 4.2 Summit Points per each hand played at the cash tables and will earn 8 Summit Points for every $1 they pay in tournament fees. These Summit Points can add up fast and you may be able to purchase something with your Summit Points before you even realize it.

VIP Summit Club members will also be able to turn their Summit Points into cash. If you are an enrolled and active member in the Everest Poker base camp tier you will have exclusive access to turning the Summit Points into cash by visiting the “Convert SP to Cash” screen on the Everest VIP page.

This Summit Points store was a great addition by the Everest Poker team. Having a points store adds value for players that are playing for real money, which will always keep players happy. Everest Poker has been steadily improving in the last couple years and I wouldn't be surprised to see them continue to grow. Although PokerStars is the world's most popular online poker room, Everest Poker is still a good poker room.


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