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Turbo Poker Tournament Strategy

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When you are playing turbo tournaments you need to feel cool about taking risks and playing it a bit loose. The speed makes it impossible to think for too long about your moves and forget about making heavy analysis of your opponents. The blinds will go by fast so you have to do all you can to build a stack big enough to take you to the final. As the blinds start to grow in size you should be picky with your pre-flop starting hands and push good cards all-in. 

Turbo Sit n Go

The turbo sit n go works much as the multi-table tournaments and you can apply the same strategy in order to do well in both formats. The big difference lies in the speed and the buildup of the blinds. The sit n go tournament is extremely fast and comes with blinds that grow in a proportion that outweighs the total amount of chips in the game. You need to face this with an aggressive game style and be brave and raise as much as your bankroll can handle. 

Make Use of Forums

There are many strategies written by professionals available for free online but many times the best advice come from average players that have tried the strategy enough to tell you if it is worth the while. Make sure to join a forum where you can ask other players questions and also read about their experiences. When players get together in forums without any interest of profit advice is usually candid and very helpful.

Be Honest with Yourself

If you want to do well in turbo tournaments you need to be a skilled poker player or you’ll just be losing your money even faster than what you would in regular poker games. Many players don’t like this poker format simply because it won’t give them enough time to think through their moves. If you know that you aren’t all that skilled you should work on your poker in other types of games before you throw yourself into the turbo format.

Keep Track of Your Bankroll

When you raise a pre-flop amount you need to make sure that you have the money to back this up with. A good rule is to make sure not to be left with less than 2/3 of your starting amount. This will help you play wild and aggressive without burning a hole in your bankroll and mood.

The best place to play turbo poker and use these strategies is at PokerStars.com. PokerStars has plenty of turbo poker games running 24 hours a day.

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