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PokerStars Summer Games

Summer Games Qualifiers at PokerStars

It's Team USA vs. Team Canada for huge cash during the PokerStars Summer Games! is hosting a free event matching up the best players from both nations to compete for 80,000 cash prizes and a chance to hold a seat in the $100,000 final on October 26th, 2008. One of those valuable seats could be yours!

If you are not currently a real money PokerStars player and sign up for a new account using the marketing code 'KOW500' during sign up you will receive a $50 bonus.

During this eight week free event, eight different types of poker games will be offered, ranging from 5 Card Draw to Omaha, so anyone can get a piece of the PokerStars Summer Games action. There are cash prizes to be won daily and five players from both sides of the border will be sent to the $100,000 final every week from our Round 2 tournaments. All you need to do is be a PokerStars member and live in Canada or the USA to be eligible for this unique challenge.

How Do I Qualify?

In order to take part in the summer games you simply sign up for either the American or Canadian preliminary rounds. Round one qualifiers for the PokerStars Summer Games start running August 22nd and players are allowed one free Round one qualifier per week for as long as the qualifying period lasts. Placing high in the qualifiers will put you on your countries team for the finals. To register for the PokerStars summer games qualifiers open the PokerStars lobby, click on the ‘Tourney’ tab and then ‘Regional’.


Besides the honor of winning it all for your country and the nationalistic pride that would come with a victory, there are more tangible reasons for playing. Players who make it on from the qualifiers will battle it out for the $100,000 final. Throughout the whole PokerStars Summer Games there are 80,000 cash prizes that will be given out.

The free Team USA vs. Team Canada poker event is on now! It could you and 39 countrymen facing off against 40 members from across the border for poker glory and big prize money during the PokerStars Summer Games!

Sign up for PokerStars today and use the marketing code ‘KOW500’ when you are signing up for a $50 bonus.

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