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Sit n Go Poker Strategy

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The sit n go tournament is a fast miniature of the competitions that can be viewed on television and online. Many players get so inspired by watching the final tables of the World Series of Poker and a sit n go tournament online will let them experience some of this excitement in a more user-friendly format. The most important strategy is to play a lot and while doing so you could try and use different techniques for upgrading your skills and gaming results.

Early and Middle Game

The most common advice for the early and middle part of a sit n go tournament is to play it tight and calm. The idea behind this strategy is that you need to save your chips till the end when you will use them to make it to the final and hopefully the first place where the greatest prize money can be found. A beginner player should probably stick to this strategy while a more experienced poker player better understands when aggressive play is to be preferred also in the early stages of the game. 


You should learn to use the many tools that are offered in online poker rooms. One of these tools is the note taking function. Use this tool to record your observations of the other players. It is not always for sure that the notes will help you out in the very same game but by making them you will start to memorize details about players that you most likely will meet again. Observing your opponents patterns of play and remembering them is a very important tactic for making it to the final.

The best place to play sit n gos and use these strategies is at PokerStars has plenty of sit n go poker tournaments running at all hours of the day.

Bubble and Final

Reaching the bubble can be very exciting. You will be down to 4 players and players that lose at this point also miss the chance of any prize money. The very knowledge of this can make some people nervous and this shows up in their gaming. Good strategy is to play it more aggressively at this point and in the final but remember that you do need to have at least decent cards to back it up with. Your skills in observing the other players will be extremely useful at this point when people get more hopeful in reaching the money.  

Strategy Software and Books

There is tons of advice for good poker play available both online and in your local library. Make use of the internet and learn what the professional players have to say through articles and videos. There is specific software that will let you play through scenarios while teaching you the right choices. This is a bit of an investment but if you are serious about making money on your poker it could be a great idea to buy strategy software that is recommended by other players.

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