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Avoiding Tilt

Tilt is a word used in poker that describes how many players act after taking a bad beat, or just losing in general. Most players go on tilt after losing with a premium hand to a weaker hand that makes a suck out. Players on tilt then play wildly in attempt to regain the money they have lost, often very frustrated.

Avoiding Poker TiltBeing on tilt results in even more loses to the player’s bankroll and makes for a losing poker player in general.

Although it is easier said than done, any player looking to profit in the long run needs to work on controlling their emotions and avoid going on tilt. The best thing to do after taking a bad beat is to get up from the table and take a break. If you are ever frustrated from a hand it will be better to take a break from the game for a couple minutes, grab a snack, get some fresh air – do anything but continue to play angry.

A good poker quality is to realize when you are about to go on tilt. It is important to take your time making decisions when you are feeling any emotions. After taking a bad beat in tournaments players will often move all-in with mediocre hands, such as something like Ace-Seven. If you find yourself in this situation you need to stop and think – is it really worth it? You can easily get yourself right back into the tournament with some solid, quality poker play that you know you have.

In conclusion, anytime you feel negative emotions after a few losses get up and do something that will help you avoid tilt at the tables – whether it is sitting out for a few hands, getting some fresh air, grabbing some water or a snack, talking to your girlfriend, anything that you find that will help you relax and get your game back. And remember, the best poker players have no emotions.

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