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Building Poker Bankroll

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Bankroll BuildingThere are many factors that determine the size of your bankroll and how easily you manage to hang on to it. Some of them, such as the rake, are not in our control and you simply have to work around them. Others, however, are very much dependent on how we act with our money. One of the main issues facing newcomers to the game is learning how to build a poker bankroll.


The Best Bankroll Building Poker Room is UB Poker

We’ll examine a few simple, but key steps to understand building a poker bankroll:

  • Determine your starting point : Ask yourself how much you can invest in your initial layout to begin building your bankroll. First time online poker players may decide to deposit the minimum amount, while experienced players usually start with a bigger bankroll. If you are one of the new poker players it would be smart to start at a site with a new depositor freeroll. These freerolls have limited players allowing a good chance in getting some free money on top of the room’s bonus. The more you can start of your bankroll with the better chance you have of making it grow.
  • Go Slow: You never want to move up the limits fast just because you are winning – Take Your Time. You should always be aiming to buy-in at the tables with the maximum money allowed at the table. This amount shouldn’t be anywhere close to a significant amount of your current bankroll.

$200 bankroll – Your buy-in should be a maximum $25 at cash tables and $5 for sit-n-go’s and tournament buy-ins.
$600 bankroll – Your max buy-in with a $600 bankroll should be no more than $50. If you’re playing at NL tables this would be ok to sit down at the .25/.50 tables. Your tournament entries should be no higher than $10.
$800+ bankroll - You can increase your limits a little bit depending on the size, but remember to be smart.

  • Move back down if losing: A lot of players don’t do this very important step. If you are starting to lose a bit of your bankroll (it will happen to everyone) then you need to move back down a level. It is often hard for players to do as they take pride in playing in the higher limit, but this is crucial as you can lose your whole bankroll fast.
  • Making use of a room’s bonus (check banner below): Lastly,when starting off at a poker room you will want to enter a bonus code to receive the new player bonus that can be anywhere from $50-$1000. After selecting a room you will want to stick with that room as the bonuses all have release and withdrawal conditions to make sure players don’t receive the bonus and cash out. The bonuses are defiantly worth playing for, so be smart when you are playing.  

Now that you have gotten some important tips on how to build your poker bankroll take your knowledge to the tables. Make sure you take your time and don’t try to move up limits too fast.

Start Your Bankroll Off With a $600 Bonus at PokerStars

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