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Poker Rakeback

Guide To Receiving Rakeback at Online Poker Rooms

Many online poker players are unaware of the term "Poker Rakeback". Rakeback is an incentive some online poker rooms offer certain players, sort of like they do with poker bonuses. When players are receiving poker rakeback this means they are receiving a portion of the rake they have contributed to the online poker room back to them in cash.

What is Rake? Rake is a small percentage of the pot that all poker rooms, whether is it is live casino poker or online poker, take as their profits. The rake is how poker rooms run their business, and stay running with a profit. Rake is a normal part of poker and players shouldn't be upset with the rake that poker rooms are taking (or else there would be no poker rooms running). Rake is just a small percentage of the pot, put if you are playing a lot of poker it can add up... which is where poker rakeback comes into play.

More About Poker Rakeback - Rakeback was introduced to online poker back when there were first poker rooms running on the internet, but hasn't become too popular until around 2008 or 2009. Rakeback is given in a percentage and is usually anywhere from 25-40%. Not all online poker rooms offer rakeback, and not all players will receive rakeback. Let me give you an example of poker rakeback. Lets pretend you played 100 hours of $1/$2 No Limit Holdem in a month, contributing to $1000 in rake. If you were receiving 30% rakeback at the online poker room you would receive $300 of that rake back into your account balance. Cool, huh?

Where can I get Poker Rakeback?

Right now we currently don't have a favorite place to get rakeback, but we recommend the UB Referral Code bonus instead.

When do I receive the Rakebak money in my account? Each room you deal with will have different times they pay you your rakeback. Some online poker rooms offer rakeback paid daily, which means every day you will receive your % of rakeback into your account balance. Others pay weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. In the end they all work out the same and it is all personal preference. Enjoy your rakeback!

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