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Short Stack Strategy

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Coming out of the bubble with a short stack doesn’t equal being set for the third place. There are many strategies and simple advice that can help you manage a short stack in a most profitable way. While there are plenty of strategies that appear to be contradictory you will be able to pick out the gems by simply playing a lot and paying close attention to how the advice play out in reality. Having a short stack could turn out to be a power tool if you just learn to use it correctly. If you are looking on how to play against short stacks check out our strategy article on how to beat short stack poker players.

Short Stack means Tight Play

What most players assume is that a short stack will equal tight play. Now there is some truth to this and you will have to consider just what hand to raise with. What could make the difference in your game is if you lower your limit for the hand just a tad. Everyone around the table expects you to have a massive hand and they might just fold with better hands than you if you seem sure of yourself. The strategy would be to play aggressive based on their assumptions for you doing the opposite and it has proved to work for many.

Be aware of the Rake

A fear of many poker players with short stacks is that the blinds will eat them up and leave them with a non-profitable result. Being successful with a short stack means understanding that this is not where your focus should be. If you take a look at the rake structure you’ll be gathering much more important information for your game. If the house is taking too much out of the pot your stack might not be worth the while to continue with. There are poker rooms that will offer set rake rates and in this scenario you can easily play a much shorter stack. Learn to judge the game by the rake rate and you will see immediate improved results. 

Beating Loose and Aggressive Players

While good strategy for having a short stack could be to play it more aggressive than expected the short stack can also work as great strategy against aggressive players. If you are playing in a Limit Hold’em you will see players make buy-ins that are about 100 times the big blind. Even if you know your poker it could be a smart move to make this buy-in around 25 times. The changes that your opponents will call you based on your small stack are great and this will give you an advantage. 

Don’t Bluff

With a short stack you should limit your bluffing. You will simply be called so often with this size of stack that bluffing won’t be worth it. With a small stack it can be hard to scare the opponents so you’d better just keep it straight. Remember to adjust your strategy as your stack crosses over to medium size thanks to your wise moves.

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